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Liz Valenti – Paper Collage

Q & A with Liz Valenti
Location: Gloucestershire
Discipline: Paper Collage

Please describe your creative process/practice:
I work in 3D paper collage and my inspirations are
fashion / textiles / costume related subjects.

Short Bio:
I am a Royal College of Art, Fashion Design Graduate.
My work is in many private collections.

Your Influences and motivations:
My influences are fashion and the decorative arts. My motivation is to make works of beauty and wit.

Your sustainability / environmental credentials:
My base paper is industrial waste.

What makes your work UNIQUE? Anything from materials, tools, are you a Heritage craft maker?
“I’ve never seen anything like it” is the most repeated response to my work.

Advice.What is the best advice you have received? Tell us any benefits you have experienced. What advice would you give to an aspiring maker? 
Never be derivative. Always have the courage to be yourself.

Anything else:
I would like to feel my work creates something of beauty out of a humble material .